Ludum Dare 51 Jam Game.

Frog is trapped in Paradox Place! It twists time and their sense of self! You must help them escape!

Objective: Collect all the mysterious rings.

Controls: Arrows to move (use up and down on ladders), Spacebar to jump, Z to interact. Gamepad also supported.

Programming and design by Voidwave, jennyy, relick, LunaShroom

Art by jennyy

Audio by relick

LD51 Jam Ratings (out of 1703 entries):

#527 Overall 3.574
#560 Fun 3.407
#461 Innovation 3.463
#183 Theme 4.111
#488 Audio 3.315
#411 Humor 3.154
#569 Mood 3.463

Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings), jenny, PlipBat
TagsEscape Game, Frogs, Ludum Dare 51, Spooky
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