It's the summer of 1986. The music is good and the perms are bad. Like real bad.

It was meant to be the Best Summer Ever. That was what Gerald promised when he invited you all out here. To his family's cabin in the woods.

That was before he veered off the road with you all in the car.

That was before the first of your friends turned up dead.

Forget college - your only life goal now is survival.

Oh yeah...

And this is probably your last chance to try it on with your crush.

So, you know... priorities and whatever.


Jenny Yang (@notthisdeath, @jennycs)

Music - Julia Christensson




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Download 70 MB


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(Copied from my Spooktober rating page review to help this game within's algorithm!)

Beans is such a cute protagonist - I really enjoyed reading this story from her perspective! I love the varied choices and writing in this game too: the blend of horror and comedy captures the teen slasher feeling perfectly.

I think my favorite part of this VN is the timed choices, though: they really add to the tension of the overall story. 

I got two bad ends (the bear trap and oil drum hiding ends) and the good ending during my playthrough - but I'll definitely come back and check out all of the endings. This was a really fun time overall, thank you!


Cute relatable characters in a funny replayable game! Really enjoyed going through this one. Minor scene changing continuity that could be fixed in the future, but great job nonetheless! SvenJAMMIN will be remembered. 

Thank you so so much for streaming!! It was really amazing to see someone play our game for the first time hehe~ svenJAMMIN had me dying


Very cute characters, the choice timer adds a lot to the tension! Glad we got the best ending though, worth the hunt for it!


This game was so fun! Nice and short, but super replayable. Beans is the best - nicely done!


I really enjoyed playing this game, beans is such a lovable dork. I'm glad bean has her priority straight trying to impress her crush while surviving a serial killer. 


Great job, it really flows well and I like the little countdown timer on choices. Cute main characters too!


I can't believe Stacey death-stomped a racoon ;_; good gays though 10/10

it was already dead!! TAT 

thank u for playing uwuwuwuw